Child nutrition

Child nutrition corresponds to administering children with balanced, healthy diet that can help them grow stronger, learn faster and develop an immune system that creates the resistance against any ailments or future diseases. Good, balanced nutrition has become the need of the hour for every child to develop a strong foundation via the food they consume.

Pediatricians these days recommend parents to create a food habit that en-composes a variety of food for their children starting at an young age rather than force them at a later point of point when the child would have already developed likes and dislikes.

Calcium (cheese, yogurt, milk), iron (spinach, brocolli, nuts), protein (beans, egg, meat), fat (nuts, cheese) , fibre (whole grain cereals), vitamin A (carrot, spinach) ,vitamin C (citrus fruits) are some of the basic nutritions that a child needs for an healthy future.

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